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What people say...

  •  ‘Thank you for an amazing and powerful course Jakkie'.

  • ‘Your Course has literally changed my life!'

  • 'Wow, what an amazing workshop! Thank you so much for your guidance. You are an amazing teacher and you nailed it with everyone that was involved'.

  • 'Completing the courses have changed my health, body and posture, relationships, happiness and my way of thinking and behaving. Thank you Jakkie for the opportunity to do this.'

  • 'I have finally discovered the reason behind my back pain'

  • 'It was great to discover why my body was so out of balance and to be able to correct it'.

  • 'I have done so many spiritual courses  and your workshop was the only thing that has really hit the spot and I came away feeling so empowered. Thank you Jakkie

  • 'The course  was excellent. At this time in my life it has been the answer to a new beginning.'

  • Jakkie is a super teacher, very reassuring and she created a friendly and safe environment for the sessions.'

  • 'It was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it'.

  • ‘The Workshop was one of the best things I’ve ever done’.

  • ‘Loved it Jakkie. I’m a fan’         


  • ‘Thank you, I’m beginning to feel a new me 


  • 'I finally found myself' 

  • 'Thank you Jakkie for all your help & guidance over the past year, I wish I had met you sooner.  Your mind body  course has changed my life,  and my mums, and your energy and outlook is one to be forever admired.

My MindBody one to one 2018 - UK

I saw Jakkie for a MindBody Consultation for my MS and I really like her a lot. And we made so much progress.  I felt completely heard and understood.  I feel so much lighter. We looked at what I get out of having my disease and how it serves me. And where my depression comes from.  And I can see how to heal at last.  This is profoundly life changing and I cannot thank Jakkie enough.  I will always and forever be grateful to her for helping me release the 'chains' and 'straight-jacket' I was in. Really feel that I have made a conscious decision to make changes in my life and putting that into action. Thank you so much for managing to fit me in at a time when I needed it and for guiding me with your wisdom, you are an angel!  Amber x


The MindBody Workshop 2018 - Australia

It's amazing how you tune into people without them even talking. It's a talent I've never witnessed before. I Have met lots

of people in a similar area of practice as you but I've honestly never been so impressed, or moved  by anyone like you. I still have to pinch myself that I managed to book that massage with you, otherwise none of this might ever have happened'. Aden


The MindBody Workshop 2018 - UK

Thank you for a great day, made up of a peaceful, beautiful venue and the lovely people to share that special time with, not until the day was over did I realised how benificial it all was, certainly opened up many feelings and came away with lots to think about. Denise


The MindBody Workshop 2018 -  Australia

Thank you soooo much for such an amazing day. It was pure bliss and such a rare treat for me. Just when I needed it most too. So thank you thank You are a one in a million. So gifted and so fabulous. The aura practical was amazing!  I have come away feeling a newfound sense of ‘everything is going to be just fine.’ Helen 


The MindBody Journey Course 2017 - UK

Jakkie's mindbody course has been really beneficial to me understanding myself and being able to change, improve and monitor myself. Relationships with husband and children have really improved and I have such a great understanding of how and why this is happening for me. Also I am self employed and pleased to say I have seen a great improvement in my income due to the positive nature of the courses and greater happiness they have brought to my life. Thanks Jakkie!!' Tammy


My MindBody one to one 2017 -Australia

I was so touched that you thought of me and also amazed at how intuitive and empathic you were in our last session. You seem to understand how I feel and are able to express it exactly. Caroline


My MindBody one to one 2016 - UK

Although I'm not a spiritual person, I think being guided to you is a good way of looking at things. It all feels very right. I'm definitely ready for a new stage of helping myself and feeling 'lighter', as you say. I like that idea. I don't talk about feelings with anyone because I'm usually the jolly/funny one and I want people to like me. Silly, I know. Anyway, that then makes even more sense talking to you. Sally


My MindBody one to one 2016 - Australia

'Meeting you has changed my life so radically. I was hugely impressed by you and thought you so insightful that it bordered on the psychic! I am bowled over.  I'm so pleased I have taken this amazing path that you've opened up before me.' Josh


The MindBody Journey Course 2016 - UK

  • 'I discovered my own fears and my will power to change anything I wanted.'

  • ‘The MindBody course was one othe the best things I’ve ever done!’

  • ‘Jakkie is amazing and so good at explaining everything’

  • 'I loved the course so much I did it twice!’

  • ‘The course exceeded my expectations’

  • 'Thank you Jakkie.

  • You have made such a difference to my life already and I am looking forward to being the new me'!

  • 'I found Jakkie very safe and trusting '

  • 'Jakkie has bought a new wisdom and way of being in my life'.  

  • 'Thank you Jakkie for being open and allowing for personal discussions '

  • ‘I loved the freedom to be myself’

  • ‘I gained an understanding of myself. How to believe in myself, Understanding the reasons behind my physical conditions and I gained valuable tools on how to change my view of myself.’

  • ‘Jakkie is brilliant at making you feel at ease and uncovering things you didn’t know or understand about yourself. She is very intuitive’.

  • ‘The one day workshop has been really useful to me and I’m really glad I did it. Thank you Jakkie!’


The Mind Body Journey Course 2016 - UK

Testimonial by Cathy Miles


Having procrastinated again and again about whether to do this course (Would it be worth the money? Feels a bit self – indulgent etc etc), all I can say is I’M SO GLAD I DID IT!!


I found the introductory course completely mind blowing. Each week that went by my understanding of how the beliefs of the mind are reflected in the body and approach to life, deepened.  Being a complete Yoga novice, learning the breathing techniques and positions coupled with a constant focus on what’s mentally going on for me , enabled me to approach the weeks in between sessions on a very different conscious level.


I gradually became more aware and confident that through a mental shift of focus, I was able to change the outcome of things. One day in particular I had 2 big ‘moments’, which absolutely proved to me the incredible power of the mind body connection. Whether I can describe them in words I don’t know, but I’ll give it a try!


I’d gone out Windsurfing and was getting increasingly frustrated with myself for feeling so unbalanced and wobbly when turning. The more frustrated I got, the harder I tried to ‘get it right’, the harder I tried, the more tense and the less balanced I became.  I decided to try one of the breathing techniques Jakkie taught us, and to change my focus from ‘teeth gritting trying too hard’ to focusing on my breathing and believing I can do it. My next turn seemed to almost happen in slow motion; it was the calmest, easiest turn I can ever remember doing. The difference was AMAZING! For the rest of my time on the water I changed from being tense, cross and frustrated to calm, positive and relaxed – all due to an awareness of how I was being, how it wasn’t helping me and then making a conscious mental shift (using breathing to help).


Later that same day I played tennis, and after such a powerful moment Windsurfing I consciously applied the same thought processes and breathing to my tennis shots. I pulled off several of the best shots I’d played for years; the time when the shots worked like a dream was when I had this feeling all over me of relaxed slow motion calmness and a quiet head. Again all down to breathing, and taking the focus away from the negative ‘self talk spiral’  I can end up in sometimes!


Although these 2 moments happened whilst playing sport, I realised the ability to change my focus and way of ‘being’ in certain situations could make a huge difference to how I live my life.


The advanced course built on these foundations and took me to an even deeper understanding of what I’m about and how I can influence what I get from life and what life can give me.


Since finishing the course I can say I’m a ‘work in progress’ and whilst not every day is full of powerful moment’s like that day, I am SO pleased that I have invested in gaining this self awareness now, and not leaving it a moment longer. So, if you’re thinking about doing the course, don’t procrastinate…DO IT NOW!!! You’ll benefit from it for the rest of your life.

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What Helen whitaker said

”Jakkie is THE MindBody Connection guru!


I learned so much and now feel so incredibly empowered - This was such an amazing, life changing course for me."

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What Annabel Wilkes said...

"Since doing the MindBody course, I feel I am more confident in being myself without worrying how I am.


I feel equipped with the tools I need to succeed with new challenges in life. Doing the course was one of the best things I have ever done - and it will stay with me for life."

What others said...


“I have done so many self-help courses and your course was the only thing that has really hit the spot. My life is finally back on track. Thank you so much” -  Eddy Lowe


“Thank you so much Jakkie. I finally gained an understanding of myself. How to believe in myself, Understanding the reasons behind my physical conditions and I gained valuable tools on how to change my view of myself. I’m forever grateful”

- Christine Stanford


“Thank goodness I found this course, it has literally saved my life”  -  Sophie Linch

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