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the mindbody


discover your mindbody LANGUAGE


This 12 WEEK COURSE            

(2 hours per session) will take you on a personal Journey of self discovery that will change your life!


You will learn about your MINDBODY connection and what each part of the body represents. You will understand your body language and discover what your body is communicating to you.

The course will help you to identify and release your personal blocks, fears and limitations. It will give you an understanding of your chakra system and meridians and how to tap into your personal power.


The course includes yoga, educating your posture, re-programming your negative belief system, demonstrations on how to use your life force and meditations to cleanse and heal your life.


You will finally rediscover your

true self. A journey not to miss!


$460 AUD / £240


will take you on a MindBody journey, transforming your mind, body and your life!


You will learn about your MINDBODY connection. You will be guided through a personal journey of discovery. You will listen to your body language to identify and release your personal blocks and limitations.


Finally with the combination of yoga, MINDBODY and re-balancing exercises, meditation and re-programming, you will transform and re-discover your personal power and your TRUTH.


Truth leads you back to a place of peace, health and happiness.

This is a truly exciting 2 days of personal discovery


$300 AUD / £140

*(The workshop is over a weekend or sometimes two separate days spread within the same month)

Discover in this 

ONE DAY WORKSHOP how your body language can change your life!


What is your body saying to you? What is blocking you from reaching your potential?

This is a one day insightful workshop to discover your body language.


If you have health issues, aches and pains that can’t be explained or limitations that stop you going forward then why not come and find out your answers on the MindBody Language workshop.


$150 AUD / £75





In a 1-2-1 MINDBODY CONSULTATION we will Uncover, Unlock and Transform your KEY block that is preventing you from reaching your dreams. Every session is unique because you are unique.


AUD $150 p/h / £60

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This inspirational 2 HOUR  WORKSHOP will help you understand your personal MindBody Connection. 


You will discover how your thoughts and words effect your health, your relationships and your life situations. You will get a clearer understanding of yourself and your personal MindBody connection.


This 2 hour workshop might be at a venue near you! Check our diary for dates 

or contact me to bring a seminar or workshop to your area in Australia or UK


$25 AUD / £15


Become a member and keep me posted!




the mindbody CONSULTATION

the mindbody CONNECTION 2hr workshop

the MindBody Journey Course in a book!

You can enjoy the 12 WEEK MindBody Journey Course within your own home! In your MindBody Journey book, you will be taken through simple practical exercises to help you tap into your unconscious.You will be guided on a journey that will help reprogram your mind and body to become healthy. You will read about other people who have been on this journey and the transformations that take place within them. You will be shown hands-on MindBody techniques to help you to reclaim your inner power for lasting health, peace and happiness.  


This is a  journey not to miss!

978-0-9927905-8-5cov.pdf Buy Now $25 AUD Buy Now UK £11.99

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