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Jakkie Talmage is a Personal Growth Mentor, Teacher, Author, Artist and Healer and the founder of MindBody Courses and Finding your Freedom. 


In the 1990’s Jakkie was an award winning graphic designer who became Art Editor for UK’s leading complementary health magazine, Here’s Health.


While directing photo shoots with actors and TV personalities for cover stories about “celebrity lifestyles” was a glamorous career move, it was working on articles about personal growth and the power of natural healing that most inspired Jakkie.


She began to realise that the constant pressure of meeting monthly publishing deadlines was at odds with the healthy lifestyle the magazine was promoting. So she took the bold decision to quit her job, buy a backpack and set off on a round-the-world adventure.


Jakkie says, “I knew I wanted more from life but didn’t know what that looked like. After spending 7 months in Asia, it was visiting India that really woke me up! I didn’t meet a guru or go on a spiritual retreat, I just found myself waking up and realising that it was my mindset that was holding me back.”


“As a woman born in the UK, I had the freedom to pursue a successful career, or the freedom to give it up and take a different path, but the problem was I didn’t feel free at all. I’d take on the belief the only way for me to be valued and love was to be a “success” and that belief had locked me into a career and life I hated.”


“In India I saw how oppressed many women were. Most women didn’t have a choice in life, they were born into a caste that didn’t support who they were as individuals and they were told what to do, who to marry and what to wear. Many were not even allowed or couldn’t afford to get an education. I saw poverty and deprivation everywhere. They had no choice and it made me realise how lucky I was, because I did have a choice. Not only could I choose what path to take, I could also start to choose how I thought and felt about my life.


“When I returned to the UK , I made a conscious decision to embrace the gift of freedom and to always choose to follow my heart. I was honest with myself. I didn’t like living in London or being part of the the rat race and I certainly didn’t like cold winters. So I emigrated to Australia to seek a more natural (and warmer) way of life.”


“I began to study the many natural therapies that we used to write about in the magazine in more depth and eventually became a massage therapist, yoga teacher and healer.”


“As I worked with clients on a physical level, fixing their muscles and healing their aches and pains, I began to notice the link between their health issues and their mindset and emotional wellbeing. I discovered that our MindBody Connection can shape our physical health, our mental  and emotional wellbeing and inevitably, our lives.


"With this new knowledge I created a series of workshops and course on the MindBody Connection and wrote the book Your MindBody Journey. "


"My main passion now is teaching others the power of thier own mind and how to use it to create great health and a great life. I help empower others to listen to the wisdom of their own bodies and use that knowledge to change their mindset, improve their health, their relationships, their finances, everything that was unconsciously hidden that kept them stuck repeating the same unhealthy patterns.


I feel honoured to witness people transform their lives.


Jakkie currently lives with her partner in QLD, Australia.



About Jakkie Talmage -

Founder of MindBody Courses

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