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Jakkie Talmage is a Mentor, Teacher, Author, Artist and Healer and the founder of MindBody Courses and the author of the book Your MindBody Journey


Jakkie is passionate about helping people break free from limited beliefs and unconscious programming to live a life they love.


Formally the Art Editor of the UK’s leading complimentary health magazine, Here’s Health,


While directing photo shoots with actors and TV personalities for cover stories about “celebrity lifestyles” was a glamorous career move, it was working on articles about personal growth and the power of natural healing that most inspired Jakkie. She began to realise that the constant pressure of meeting monthly publishing deadlines was at odds with the healthy lifestyle the magazine was promoting. So she took the bold decision to quit her job, buy a backpack and set off on a round-the-world adventure. After a year travelling the world she emigrated to Australia.


In Australia, Jakkie studied many alternative health modalities and became a Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Healer. This also lead her on her own extensive healing journey.


Having worked with hundreds of people’s bodies over many years,  she noticed a pattern emerge. Clients came with similar physical symptoms, who also had similar psycho-emotional issues as other clients. This set her on a 5 year journey studying the power of the MindBody connection. 


Jakkie returned to the UK and set up her company MindBody Courses, which was designed to educate people about their MindBody connection, their body wisdom and the power of the unconscious mind. She has since helped hundreds of people from all over the world turn their lives around through her workshops, seminars, courses and consultations.


In 2016 she wrote and published her first book, ‘Your MindBody Journey’ which enabled a wider audience to experience the MindBody Journey 12 week course.


Jakkie moved back to Australia and spent 18 months touring around Australia delivering her workshops, seminars and consultations.  


Jakkie has developed a powerful online course ‘MindBody Magic Bootcamp – 7 lessons that will change your life‘, where all the gold from her courses and workshops have been condensed into this powerful online course.


Jakkie is in the process of writing her second book, ‘7 Steps to Finding Your MAGIC’. This is a step by step guide to manifestation.


"My main passion is to help empower others to break free from unconscious destructive programming to improve their health, their relationships, their finances, everything that was unconsciously hidden that kept them repeating the same unhealthy patterns. I love teaching others the power of their own mind, their body wisdom, and how to use it to create great health and a life of their dreams”.


I feel honoured to witness people transform their lives.


Jakkie currently lives with her partner in QLD, Australia.

About Jakkie Talmage -

Founder of MindBody Courses

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Jakkie's Healing Story