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What is your body saying to you?

When you have an ache or pain or even an accident, it is often your subconscious mind communicating to you.

By understanding the power of your MindBody Connection, you will uncover your body wisdom, rewire your unconscious patterning and learn how to change your mind, heal your body and transform your life.

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Our courses are designed to show you how powerful you are!

You will be gently guided to heal unhealthy patterns in your health, your relationships, your finances, to re-didesign your life - resulting in living the life you were meant for.



“The MindBody course is one of the best things I’ve ever done”

Jennifer Ladlock

'Your MindBody Journey'


This powerful book will take you on a personal journey through the wisdom of your body.

You will learn what each part of the body represents and what unconscious messages they say about you and your life.

You will release your old programming, fears and limitations, resulting in living the life you were born for.

This is a journey not to miss!


'Your MindBody Magic'


On the MindBody Magic Bootcamp online course, you will be guided every step of the way to create a life you love!

You will be taken through

7 life changing lessons where you will identify and rewire unhealthy patterns that have kept you stuck. You'll learn how to use your unique MindBody MAGIC to manifest your dreams.


A truly magical journey that will transform your life!


Your Personal MindBody


In your personal session, we will uncover and reprogram the key blocks which are preventing you from living a life you love.

You will leave with tools to create the future of your dreams.




Three Day Retreat

Reconnect Realign Redefine Retreat

Paradise location QLD

22nd~ 25th October

Check out details HERE

One Day Workshop

Nurturing Yourself

To Bring you Back Home

6th November. QLD

Check out details HERE

Weekend Queensland Retreat

Come for a weekend of transformation and relaxation in the paradise of Agnes Water/1770, where you'll experience a beautiful weekend full of magical moments!

On the one day workshop you will discover your key block which is keeping you stuck. You will learn techniques and tools to help you reprogram your unconscious mind to attract a life you love. The day includes yoga and meditation to connect you with your souls calling.

You then have the option of staying in Agnes Water, spending the next day enjoying all the treats this paradise location has on offer.

AU$250 per Person

(accommodation not included)


Friends Package

Spend a truly amazing day with your friend(s) in Agnes Water/1770. A special combination of quality time with your bestie(s), swimming in pristine waters and having a shared experience of transformational coaching!

What a perfect combo!

Available for 2-6 friends.

Half day: $600 per group

Full Day: $1000 per group

Contact us to book

2 hour Mindbody Connection Workshop

This powerful mini workshop will help you understand your personal MindBody Connection.

You will learn how your unconscious mind communicates to you through your body. You will discover how your MindBody connection effects your health, your relationships and your life situations.

You will get a clearer understanding of yourself and your personal power.

$25 per person

If you would like your local centre to host this workshop,

please get in touch!

Bring it to my town

What others said


" Jakkie is THE MindBody Connection Guru! I learned so much and now feel so incredibly empowered.
This was such an amazing, life changing course for me."


" Mindbody courses gives fantastic teachings on living life to the full, which enables us to reach our full potential. Jakkie uses extraordinary techniques that simply must be experienced. The best wellbeing course I have ever done and the most useful for providing me with the tools needed to live a full and happy life.
Really enjoyable too! "


" I'm so much stronger as I now understand and acknowledge how past life events have triggered my reactions as an adult.
I am finally free."

"My main passion is to help empower others to break free from unconscious destructive programming to improve their health, their relationships, their finances, everything that was unconsciously hidden that kept them repeating the same unhealthy patterns. I love teaching others the power of their own mind, their body wisdom, and how to use it to create great health and a life of their dreams”.

About us

Jakkie Talmage is a Mentor, Teacher, Author, Healer and the founder of MindBody Courses and the author of the book Your MindBody Journey

Formally the art editor for one of the UK’s leading complimentary health magazines, she was inspired to unplug from corporate life and pursue a more natural lifestyle. After a year travelling the world, Jakkie trained as a natural therapist and emigrated to Australia to pursue her dreams.

Having worked with hundreds of people’s bodies over many years, she noticed a pattern emerge. Clients came with similar physical symptoms, who also had similar psycho-emotional issues as other clients. This set her on a 5 year journey of studying the MindBody connection. 

Jakkie returned to the UK and set up her company

MindBody Courses, which was designed to educate people about their MindBody connection, their body wisdom and the power of their unconscious mind.

Jakkie has since helped hundreds of people from all over the world transform their body, health, relationships and life circumstances through her seminars, workshops, courses and 1-2-1 consultations.

Jakkie currently lives with her partner in QLD, Australia.

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